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Download KingKong

King Kong The Official Mobile Game of the Movie brings the experience of the film right to your mobile phone by throwing you directly into the adventure.
True to the film's storyline, you'll relive the key scenes and reunite with the main characters on Skull Island, a truly impenetrable jungle where prehistoric creatures have lived hidden and protected for millions of years. You'll then have the tough and tricky task of protecting the lovely Ann, an actress looking for fame who has agreed to do a secret shoot on this remote land to get away from a New York devastated by the Great Depression.

Features (may vary by handset):

  • The official mobile game of the most anticipated film of the year.

  • 9 action-filled levels in 3 beautifully rendered cinematic environments inspired by the film (Skull Island’s jungle, the temples of Skull Island, and Manhattan); super-detailed and realistic graphics, amazingly fluid animations and interactive environment.

  • Groundbreaking dual gameplay offering the chance to play Jack and King Kong, delighting fans of both adventure and pure action.

  • Easy to play: amazing moves and attacks are possible with simple, context-sensitive controls.

  • True to the film: game creators worked very closely with movie’s team to ensure that the game’s visuals and storyline are entirely consistent with the film.

  • King Kong java game for Nokia 60 series.

    Compatible with:
    Nokia 3230, 3250, 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 5500, 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6260, 6290, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, 7650, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90, N70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N81, N82, N90, N91, N92, N93, N93i, N95

    Download Game Here :

    Alternative Download

    For Sony Ericson

    Sony Ericsson K300 (128x128)
    Sony Ericsson K500 (128x160)
    Sony Ericsson R300 (128x160)
    Sony Ericsson K700 (176x220)
    Sony Ericsson S302 (176x220)
    Sony Ericsson W810 (176x220)
    Sony Ericsson C905 (240x320)
    Sony Ericsson K800 (240x320)
    Sony Ericsson K850 (240x320)
    Sony Ericsson P990 (240x320)
    Sony Ericsson S700 (240x320)
    Sony Ericsson W910 (240x320)
    Sony Ericsson W950 (240x320)

    Download Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory

    Discover the next episode of Sam Fisher’s adventures on your phone.
    The hit game, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, returns with new weapons and new enemies for more action and, above all, more infiltration!


    * Introducing brand new weapons - knives for close combat, grenades and even remotely controlled drones!
    * 8 levels and 4 new maps - featuring the Lighthouse and Hokkaido House inspired by the Xbox version and the Train Station and Missile Silo, created exclusively for mobile phones
    * Amazing interactive environments with real weather effects, passing trains and even rising water levels!
    * With its astounding graphics and exciting new moves, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory™ is simply the best stealth action game for mobile phones.
    * The follow-up to the mobile phone hit, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell.
    * New missions and objectives in different graphic universes
    * New weapons and new enemies for more action and, above all, more infiltration!
    * Six new levels, set in a secret Siberian base.

    Download Bluetooth Application BlueSoleil 6.0

    BlueSoleil 6.0 Mobile includes all the features of BlueSoleil 5.0.
    Application for connect your computer with your phone

    BlueSoleil 6.0 Mobile supports the most popular platform such as Symbian S40/S60, Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 and MTK etc. Many brands of mobile phone can work well with BlueSoleil 6.0 Mobile such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Blackberry and so on.

    BlueSoleil 6.0 Mobile uses a new method, computer-bundle license mechanism, for license control, instead of checking hardware license key in Bluetooth chipset. This new method does not limited. Bluetooth chipset, thus supporting more Bluetooth computer then before, e.g. Lenovo notebooks.

    Highlight Functions:

    · Contact management
    - Backup/restore Bluetooth phone's contacts to/from computer
    - View Bluetooth phone's contacts on computer
    - Edit/delete/upload contacts

    · SMS
    - Type and send SMS from your computer
    - View/backup/delete SMS on Bluetooth phones

    · Send contents in a web page to your Bluetooth phone
    - Send pictures or words in a web page to Bluetooth phone

    Install Notes:

    1. Unpack and install the software
    2. Copy patch.exe into the installation dir
    3. Apply patch & restart

    If you don't want to restart:

    1. Run task manager
    2. End process BtTray.exe & BlueSoleilCS.exe
    3. Then apply patch

    Additional Info:

    1. To keep your pc clean files " patch.exe & setup.dl_ " from install dir can be deleted.

    2. To remove "Bluetooth Places" icon from desktop [in Vista] delete folder:


    Download The Mummy 3

    The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

    A sequel of well-known film "Mummy" which will transport this time the audience to Asia. On a subject of film Brendan Fraser in a role of researcher Rick O'Connell comes back to battle to insurgent Emperor Han (Jet Li) in ancient Chinese catacombs and cold Himalayas.

    His son will help with travel Rick - Alex (a rising star Luke Ford), wife Evelyn (Maria Bello) and her brother - Jonathan (John Hannah). This time O'Connells should stop a mummy which, having awakening from a 2000-year-old damnation, is going to enslave the world.

    Download Soul OF Darkness

    Use your sharp blade and your transformation powers to save your beloved’s life and yours

    * Enter an absorbing gothic environment thanks to impressive music and a 3D-like graphic background.
    * 11 levels to explore, from huge castles and cathedrals to dark woods and caves.
    * Great replay value: play through levels you’ve already finished to discover additional secrets.
    * Challenging gameplay: use your transformation ability to reach hidden inaccessible spots.
    * Upgrade your fire sword and ice spear to perform more powerful attacks and magic.
    * Legions of dark creatures to fight (werewolves, gargoyles, zombies, etc.) in fabulous decors.

    Box Auth Error:20 pada HWK v.2.8

    Banyak yang pake semakin banyak yang complain error. Emang unik box satu ini, disamping harganya terjangkau dan multi fungsi ternyata juga menyimpan segudang masalah yang selalu di alami oleh para user/teknisi. But don,t worry semua ada solusinya.

    Kalau dulu saya sudah pernah bahas Box Auth Error:20 bisa diperbaiki dengan cara update UFS Firmware lewat menu HWK Update Client. Namun apa yang terjadi pada HWK v.2.8??? ternyata begitu HWK Update Client dijalankan tampil pesan error access violation address 00481f89 in module 'updateclient.exe'.read address 00000170”. Waduh gimana nih apa yang salah??? Instal ulang support suite gak mau juga…ternyata..Support suite v.2.8 ada bug bunny nya..he..he..

    Kuncinya cuma satu....silahkan baca panduan lengkap bergambar disini

    file lain yang dibutuhkan bisa download dibawah:

    Sarassoft emergency cleanup

    Twister activator

    Download Gameloft Assassins Creed

    Jerusalem, 1191 A.D. The Third Crusade is tearing the Holy Land apart. You play Altair, a disgraced Master Assassin, sent to kill eight men (both Muslim and Christian leaders) in order to end the Third Crusade. Along the way, you discover that the men share a dark secret – one that threatens not only the Holy Land – but the entire world. Assassin's Creed is the new franchise that redefines the action/adventure genre with an innovative, rich gameplay that provides a well-balanced mix of stealth, chaotic action and riddle-solving exploration in the midst of 4 vivid, responsive environments.
    • Strike with lots of acrobatic moves and fight with impressive combos mixing sword skills & kicks.
    • Use multiple medieval weapons for close combat & long-range attacks or to trigger activations.
    • A responsive environment: Interact with people and objects around you to advance.
    • Complete 13 missions as you journey through 4 vivid environments in the Holy Land.
    • A diversified gameplay: Acrobatic & free-running with a chaotic manhunt on horseback.
    • Collect the mysterious memory blocks to get extra, yet unknown, bonuses.

    Download Awesome S60 3rd Program

    1. Adobe PDF 1.1.5(read PDF)
    IM+ 5.50.0 (messenger for Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ, Gmail, etc)
    3. AgileMessenger 3.76.0 (messenger for Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ, Gmail, etc)
    4. Wireless IRC 2.0.686 (irc client)
    5. Alarm Manager 1.4.1(set multiple alarm)
    6. Best BlackList 1.0.0 (black list unwanted calls)
    7. FExplorer 1.16.0 Beta (symbian file explorer)
    8. FGet 0.70.0 (download manager with resume support)
    9. Flash Player 2.0.1 (play Flash files)
    10.Handy Expense 2.2.0 (keep track of daily expenses)
    11.Internet Time 1.4.0 (synchronize clock with internet time)
    12.Mobipocket Reader Pro 5.1.532 (read eBooks)
    13.MSDict - Oxford Concise English Dictionary 2.40.0 (dictionary)
    14.My Assistant 1.2.726 (dictaphone & auto keylock)
    15.NiceCalc 1.0.1 (scientific calculator)
    16.Quickoffice (read/write Word, Excel & Powerpoint)
    17.OfficeSuite 2.10.0 (read/write Word and Excel)
    18.Opera 8.60.0 (internet browser)
    19. PanoMan 1.19.0 (taking panoramas images)
    20.Papyrus 1.108.0 (advance calendar & todo)
    21.PhotoRite SP 5.30.0 Beta (advance camera with frames, etc)
    22.PowerMP3 1.1.0 (music player with equalizer)
    23.PhonePoint 2.0.0 (powerpoint remote control over bluetooth)
    24.ProfiMail 2.40.0 (advance email client)
    25.PuTTY 1.4 Beta 1 (SSH client)
    26.Resco News 1.13.0 (RSS reader)
    27.SmartMovie 3.21.0 (DIVX & XVID player & Converter)
    28.Best ScreenSnap 1.1.0 (screenshot)
    29.Torch 1.10.0 (torch light)
    30.NVirtualRadio 1.0.4 (online radio streaming)
    31.Mobiola WebCam 1.4.0 (enable n70 to be a web camera for windows)
    32.WinRAR 2.50.10 (compress/uncompress zip and rar)
    33.WmaOGG Plugins 1.1.0 (plugin to enable wma and ogg support)
    34.WorldMate 2.60.40 (world clock, weather forecast, currency rate, etc)
    35.Zi Predictive Text Suite 1.4.0 (auto complete text while typing)
    36.123'sMMCfonts 1.19.0 (enable reading of chinese fonts)
    37.ChessGenius 1.40.0 (english chess)
    38.Experimental Chinese Chess 1.1.1 (chinese chess)
    39.Anti-Mosquito 2.1.0 (anti mosquito program)

    100 Themes Animated For S60 3rd

    Include :

    BMW Animated.sis


    Animated Cyclops.sis
    Animated Kitty.sis
    Animated The Jocker.sis
    Animated Zombie Movie.sis


    Animated Pucca.sis

    Moving Speed Meter Animated.sis
    Windows Shutdown Animated.sis

    Horizon Animated.sis
    Nature Animated.sis
    Rain Forest Animated.sis

    And other else ...

    Mengenal jenis file lewat ekstensi dan icon Bag.1

    Topik ini sangat penting di bahas, karena seorang teknisi hp dan pebisnis konten(isi) HP selalu berhubungan dengan komputer.

    Apa itu ekstensi file?
    seperti halnya manusia punya keluarga, kedudukan sosial, dll yang menunjukkan jati diri. Begitu halnya dengan file. Ekstensi adalah jati diri/ tanda pengenal dari masing-masing file.
    Dengan adanya ekstensi, file akan dikenal secara otomatis oleh komputer, file tersebut akan muncul dengan icon-icon tertentu sesuai jenis filenya. O ya dengan catatan file tersebut merupakan file standar, dimana aplikasinya sudah terdapat ketika kita menginstal windows.

    Jika file tersebut tidak menampilkan icon grafik tertentu, bahkan ketika kita buka (klik 2x) program tidak jalan, malah memberikan kita opsi untuk memilih program yang sesuai lewat jendela openwith seperti gambar berikut:

    maka bisa dipastikan file tersebut merupakan file yang dibuat oleh aplikasi pihak ketiga, dan aplikasi pembukanya bisa jadi tidak terdapat pada komputer kita.

    Lantas bagaimana cara membukanya?
    Itulah gunanya ekstensi file (saya analogkan lagi kepada manusia, jika anda jalan-jalan ke daerah lain, terjadi kecelakaan kepada anda maka orang akan berusaha mengidentifikasi anda lewat tanda pengenal, karena warga sekitar tidak tahu siapa anda).
    Coba perhatikan gambar berikut:

    File dengan judul "adsense kriteria" yang ditandai di atas memiliki ekstensi atau akhiran *.cdr
    maka kita harus tahu apa itu ekstensi cdr. Ternyata cdr merupakan ekstensi dari file yang dihasilkan oleh Corel Draw, nah untuk membukanya anda tinggal instalkan aplikasi Corel Draw ke PC anda, maka file di atas akan muncul dengan icon Corel dan bisa dibuka dengan cara klik 2x sebagaimana biasanya.

    Jadi tidak sembarang file bisa anda jadikan konten pada HP, bisa-bisa anda malah memasukkan virus yang judulnya menyerupai judul lagu.
    Kenali ekstensinya, dan cek kompatibilitas HP atau dukungan HP terhadap file tersebut, jika ada aplikasi pihak ketiga yang bisa digunakan, maka instal aplikasi tersebut agar file yang baru kita masukkan bisa digunakan sesuai fungsinya.

    Download Gameloft New York Nights

    Set out to conquer New York: entertainment, adventures, love, and success are waiting in the city!

    Features (may vary by handset):

    * The sequel to the award winning game New York Nights, the most advanced social sim for mobiles.
    * An original story full of surprises that unfolds according to your life choices.
    * A realistic plunge into Manhattan life: Go out, shop, and immerse yourself in each neighborhood.
    * Experience living in a shared apartment and choose your ideal roommates!
    * Go out and meet New Yorkers to engage in clever, funny, or off-the-wall discussions.
    * Live your romantic life any way you like and try to find the true love of your life!

    199 Kb

    Download Gameloft Real Football 2007 3D

    The ultimate football mobile game is back! Play alongside Gerrard, Vieira and Puyol in the biggest events.

    Features :

    * The atmosphere of the greatest football matches: fans, coach, sports announcer, and wild goal celebrations.
    * Exceptional handling comparable to console football games.
    * Lots of technical moves to perform with ease: bicycle kick, step over, elastico, lob, and more!
    * Extremely detailed graphics: player appearances, several jersey and shoe designs, plus ultra-realistic stadiums.
    * 9 game modes to let you take part in all of the season’s competitions with both clubs and nations.
    * More than 100 teams with the players' real names, thanks to the FIFPRO license (updated in February 2007).

    N73/N95 version is here already posted by compro

    Original N81:


    CD 928

    C650Add Image

    C 115

    Download Gameloft Brother In Arms

    June 1944:
    The Allies land on the beaches of Normandy to liberate the continent…You’ll have to show your brothers in arms how to face the terrible ordeals that await you so that they will follow you on the road to liberty…

    Features (may vary by handset):

    * The mobile version of the hit game for consoles and PC!!!
    * Variety of weapons, environments and enemies never before matched on mobile!
    * Pick-up-and-play system for immediate gaming fun.
    * The first good WWII shooter for mobile, cinematic experience worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

    Tested on Nokia N82 and working perfectly!

    Original N73:
    Original N80:
    Original N95:


    Brother InArms S60V3.rar

    Brother In Arms N95,N96,N82 - S60V3

    Brother In Arms S60 OS9 240x320

    Brother In Arms For Nokia N73, N75, N76, N81, N82, N92, N93i, N95, E50, E51, E65, E90, 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6210, 6220, 6290.

    Download Gameloft Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2008

    Drill one deep with Derek Jeter! Super-fast action, revamped stadium
    & hot tips from Derek himself.

    Features (may vary by handset):

    * The 4th opus of the best mobile baseball game!
    * Super-fast gameplay providing the most exciting diamond action ever!
    * Get ready for an entire season of baseball with the full 58-game season and playoff modes!
    * Exclusive tips from Derek Jeter helping you become a better player in the game and in real life!
    * Brand new revamped stadium with an electric atmosphere!







    Download Gameloft NFL 2009

    Experience the most authentic NFL simulation, 100% real teams, 100% real players

    Features (may vary by handset):

    * 100% authentic NFL experience: All the teams, all the players of the 2008-2009 season
    * Improved AI that utilizes real NFL team-specific strategies
    * Superior graphics providing the best NFL experience on mobile.
    * Real 11 vs 11 action
    * Full season mode including the Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay

    Nokia S40v2 128*160 Download Here

    Nokia S40v2 240*320 Download Here

    Nokia 128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320
    Download Here

    Download Gameloft CSI: Vegas The Mobile Game

    Join the CSI team in Las Vegas for an exclusive case!

    * Exclusive plot written in collaboration with the creator of the TV series.
    * Crack the case with the help of all the main characters from the show!
    * Use the brand new 3D engine to examine objects from every possible angle.
    * 5 original evidence-analysis mini-games: extract DNA, match pieces of a ripped picture and more!
    * Experience the unique atmosphere of Las Vegas by night

    Nokia 240x320: Save As Here

    Masih seputar menggabung dan memecah file (HJSPLIT)

    Pernah lihat file berakhiran .001. .002, dst? ini merupakan ciri dari file yang sudah dipecah dengan HJSplit. Untuk menggabungkan file tersebut juga digunakan HJsplit. HJSplit adalah aplikasi gratisan untuk memecah dan mengabungkan file.
    Langkah-langkahnya jika anda punya file seperti di atas, maka kumpulkan dulu semua bagiannya, letakkan di satu folder yang sama, jalankan HJSplitnya pilih "Join", maka akan keluar box File Join seperti tampilan di atas. pada input cari file yang berakhiran .001 saja atau browse ke file .001, dan untuk outputnya bisa anda ubah ke lokasi yang anda inginkan misal ke mydocument, dll. Sudah?Klik saja Start otomatis akan terbentuk file hasil gabungan di folder yang telah anda tentukan tadi.
    HJSplit bisa di download disini