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Radio Receivers, from crystal set to stereo by Miomir Filipovic

Op Amps for Everyone Design Guide by Ron Mancini, Editor in Chief.

RF Basics

RF Zone

myRF - Telecommunication Books <<<<<>ELECTRONIC PROGRAMMING

The VHDL Cookbook by Peter J. Ashenden.

European Space Agency

(ESA) VHDL Modelling Guidelines.

Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling using VHDL-AMS.

PROGRAMMING(Computer related)

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Antenna fundamentals & design

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentAntenna Fundamentals

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentAntenna fundamentals (another version)

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentAntenna basics

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentAntenna System Guide

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentAntenna fundamentals & definitions

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentAntenna design

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentEMC Antenna Fundamentals

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentMicro-strip Patch Antenna Primer

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentWhy Antennas Radiate

Various Modulations

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentIntroduction to Modulators

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentPrinciples of Digital Modulation

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentQPSK Modulation Demystified

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentAmplitude Shift Keying (ASK) Modulation

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentOOK, ASK and FSK Modulation in the Presence of an Interfering signal

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentAM/FM Modulation

PDF Acrobat Reader DocumentPLSK vs. DPSK in Four-Wave Mixing Crosstalk

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