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Phoenix Service Software 2009.12.7.38366

Simply download and enjoy. Check release information below.

Published 08/05/2009 Size 131.4 MB
APAC - Service Software & Driver -> Phoenix & Bulletin
File type -> . Phoenix Multi Protocol & Bul

Version 1 06.05.2009 Initial version
New version of Phoenix service software is available. This multi-protocol service software supports Nokia
CDMA, GSM, TDMA, and WCDMA products.

Main component versions in the release:
• DK2 Driver Version
• Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver Version (For Win2000 driver version
• Flash Update Package 009.018.010
• FLS-x Drivers Version 2.09.26
Version 1 06.05.2009 Initial version
• FPS-11Version 5.10.0

New products supported:
• RM-578, RM-579, RM-508, RM-547, RM-566, RX-51, RM-565, RM-546, RM-529, RM-530, RM-
491, RM-564, RM-562, RM-563

New features
• New rf_losses.ini ver.40 for autotune function

Error Corrections & changes
• Improvements to N96 USB Flasing
• Flash Update Package with improve,ments to random “finalization failed” – problems for
models with OMAP2420.
• Corrections for Network Prommer Maintenance
• Improvements for Tucson Product Code Change and BB5 Certificate Restoring with “Flash Phone”
– option selected.
• Improvements for connection manager when used with FLS-5

• Software downgrade with Tucson system is only possible for BB 5.0 products supporting the Data
Package 2 concept.
• Flashing with FLS-5, SS-46 and product specific adapter is not reliable for all BB 5.0 products,
new driver release with corrections will be released soon.
• Flash Update Package File installation path may be wrong. If you experience problems when
updating FPS-x prommers, please check that Phoenix “Prommer maintenance” is looking for the
files from the correct location which is “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\Tss\Flash”. If not,
Phoenix will show error “Update via ini – file failed”. In this case, select “Update” from that Phoenix
“Prommer maintenance” – UI, browse to correct directory and select “fpsxupd.ini” for all other
prommers except the FPS-8.
• Multi Flash has limited capabilities, launch Multiflash UI first and then connect phones one by one,
do not attempt to service more than 5 phones at the time

If you have Phoenix External 2007.4.6.170 or older you must uninstall it before installing this release.

1. Download Phoenix_Service_Software_2009_12_7_38366.exe application file to your computer
(e.g. C:\TEMP).
2. Close all other programs.
3. Run Phoenix_Service_Software_2009_12_7_38366.exe and follow instructions on the screen to
install Phoenix Service Software
4. Connect a dongle (PK-1, PKD-1, FLS-4S, FLS-5) when message appears on the screen
5. If you are prompted to update any existing driver or file versions, select “yes”.
6. Depending on the operating system, the PC may require rebooting.
7. Allow Windows to register the Phoenix components.
8. Open Phoenix and update your prommer with the latest software included in this installation
9. Use the latest available product specific data packages or flash bundles with new multi-protocol
Supported operating systems and user rights
• Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or higher
• Windows XP Service Pack 1 or higher
• When installing Phoenix into Win 2000 or XP you must have local admin rights.
• When using in Win 2000 or XP, user must have power user rights.

For HW & Tool requirements please refer to Service Repair Processes TB-209
For information on product specific data packages, tools and instructions please refer to service manuals and technical bulletins.
If you want to use FPS-11, please download separate FPS-11 driver package
If you are installing this version of Phoenix on a new Imaged PC, and you are using an FLS-4S or FLS-5
during the install, then install the FLS-X drivers first.



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