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PlayMan World Soccer

Conquer the world of soccer with Team Playman! In his 7th title Playman takes his team around the globe with only one goal in mind - to become the best soccer team in the world! You and Team Playman face 36 national teams in different cups, matches and leagues.

Conquering the world of soccer has never been this much fun! Playman World Soccer offers game modes to suit all tastes - play a quick match, take part in the arcade challenges or improve your team’s skills in an unparalleled career mode.

The controls and gameplay have been built from the ground up to suit the mobile environment and ensure a fun gaming experience for everyone! Visually Playman World Soccer is second to none.

The players are smoothly and colorfully animated and you can really tell apart the different nationalities! The game is brought to life with excellent AI, stunning special effects, different pitches and realistic physics. Last but not least, you can experience the sport in full-blown 3D on selected handsets!

PlayMan Extreme Running

Simply excellent.
This really is one of the most well-crafted mobile games developed this year and, even without whizzy 3D graphics, is one of those titles you'll recommend to friends to show them what mobile is capable of.
The star of Playman Extreme Running is the fluid animation as you haul yourself around the levels – it really is top-notch. Meanwhile, the levels themselves are marvellously laid-out, giving loads of scope for high-scores, especially on the free-roaming missions.


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