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Gameloft Prince Of Persia Classic v1.0 for Symbian S60, S60 v3 and Java

Rediscover the original Prince of Persia in a totally revamped mobile version!

* The completely revamped version of the hit game released in 1989, Prince of Persia.
* Many spectacular moves for ultra-dynamic fights and breathtaking acrobatics.
* Immerse yourself in the world of One Thousand and One Nights with rich backgrounds and dynamic lighting effects.
* 4 game modes, featuring 3 brand new modes: Normal, Classic, Time Attack and Survival.
* New options for beginner players: mini-map, numerous checkpoints, etc.

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Pass :

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40 Applications for S60 v3.39

For Symbian phones like:
Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia 3250, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N93,
Nokia N93 Golf, Nokia E60, Nokia E61, Nokia E70, Nokia E50

Adobe PDF 1.1.5 (read PDF)
IM+ 5.50.0 (messenger for Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ, Gmail, etc)
AgileMessenger 3.76.0 (messenger for Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQ, Gmail, etc)
Wireless IRC 2.0.686 (irc client)
Alarm Manager 1.4.1(set multiple alarm)
Best BlackList 1.0.0 (black list unwanted calls)
FExplorer 1.16.0 Beta (symbian file explorer)
FGet 0.70.0 (download manager with resume support)
Flash Player 2.0.1 (play Flash files)
Handy Expense 2.2.0 (keep track of daily expenses)
Internet Time 1.4.0 (synchronize clock with internet time)
Mobipocket Reader Pro 5.1.532 (read eBooks)
MSDict - Oxford Concise English Dictionary 2.40.0 (dictionary)
My Assistant 1.2.726 (dictaphone & auto keylock)
NiceCalc 1.0.1 (scientific calculator)
Quickoffice (read/write Word, Excel & Powerpoint)
OfficeSuite 2.10.0 (read/write Word and Excel)
Opera 8.60.0 (internet browser)
PanoMan 1.19.0 (taking panoramas images)
Papyrus 1.108.0 (advance calendar & todo)
PhotoRite SP 5.30.0 Beta (advance camera with frames, mirror effect, etc)
PowerMP3 1.1.0 (music player with equalizer)
PhonePoint 2.0.0 (powerpoint remote control over bluetooth)
ProfiMail 2.40.0 (advance email client)
PuTTY 1.4 Beta 1 (SSH client)
Resco News 1.13.0 (RSS reader)
SmartMovie 3.21.0 (DIVX & XVID player & Converter)
Best ScreenSnap 1.1.0 (screenshot)
Torch 1.10.0 (torch light)
VirtualRadio 1.0.4 (online radio streaming)
Mobiola WebCam 1.4.0 (enable n70 to be a web camera for windows)
WinRAR 2.50.10 (compress/uncompress zip and rar)
WmaOGG Plugins 1.1.0 (plugin to enable wma and ogg support)
WorldMate 2.60.40 (world clock, weather forecast, currency rate, etc)
Zi Predictive Text Suite 1.4.0 (auto complete text while typing)
123’sMMCfonts 1.19.0 (enable reading of chinese fonts)
ChessGenius 1.40.0 (english chess)
Experimental Chinese Chess 1.1.1 (chinese chess)
Anti-Mosquito 2.1.0 (anti mosquito program)

Link Change

Download | 27939 KB

Download Here

Download MotoTools 2007 1.32

Using state of the art unlocking technology, your Motorola can be unlocked in a matter of minutes, easily, and cheaper than any other Motorola unlocking service available.

Unlocking service really is the lowest priced on the internet. We offer you choice! Phone locking is when a specific network carrier programs your mobile/cell phone so it only accepts their network SIM cards, ie. Vodafone phones only accept Vodafone SIM cards. In short, forcing you to pay them, and not have the choice to change to a cheaper, better network, where you wil be able to obtain cheaper calls and texts and other great deals and offers. Phone unlocking is the removal of this lock, enabling the phone to be used with ANY network.




Jadi teknisi harus pintar juga dalam hal akal-mengakali, dalam artian efisiensi kerja. Banyak solusi yang harus dicari sebelum memutuskan beli spare part baru. Tentunya kita harus paham benar detail setiap komponen. Nah sekarang khusus untuk LCd ada nih aplikasinya. Kali aja ada Hp rusak berat namun LCD masih bagus, kan bisa dipakai untuk HP lainnya yang support LCD tersebut. silahkan download APLIKASI PERSAMAAN LCD HP

Download Counter Strike Mobile Ver 1.5

Counter Strike Ver 1.5 | 5814 KB

Play Information

- Episode and Level # : MAP01
- Single Player : Yes.
- Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes.
- Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes.
- Difficulty Settings : No.
- New Sounds : Yes.
- New Graphics : Yes.
- New Music : Yes, X-Files theme and Prodigy.
- Demos Replaced : None.


New level from scratch. Many hours build time.

How to use:
- Copy the folder WAD to MMC directory E: Result should be :"E:/WAD/CS/CS01.wad"
- Install the c2doom.sis file on your mobile
- Enjoy
- Works on all s60 mobiles

[ Installation Instructions Also in the file ]

Nokia Unlock Code Calculators

NokiaFree is capable to calculate cellphone unlock code to unlock many models of cellphone from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens, Panasonic, AEG/Telital, Alcatel, LG, Maxon, NEC, Vitel!

Note, the NokiaFree Unlock Codes Calculator is only able to generate unlock code that unlock service provider locks. Having say that, after unlocking, the cellphone is free to use any other SIM cards of different service providers, without restriction!

However, to unlock Nokia cellphone security code, you have to access to its free-of-charge online web service. This is useful if you have forgotten the cellphone security code, or the security code get locked after more than 5 times of invalid attempt.

Reference :
  • Generate Nokia cellphone master security code to unlock security code that is either forgotten or locked after invalid attempts.
  • Download NokiaFree at NokiaFree official site
  • Download other AIO cellphone unlocking software at Nigel Coldwell site.

N95 Service Manual Level I - II

English | 8.3mb | PDF
Official Nokia N95 Service Manual

Download Here

Download Nokia AIO 2008

Include :
Mobile Master Pro v6.7
SMS-It v3.5.1
Mobile RingTone Converter v2.3

Above programs Work with all Nokia Phones

Theme Pack :

21 Themes
25 Themes

Themes for Nokia 3250, 5500, E50, E60, E61,
E70, N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93 & More…

Games Pack :

Pack one :
Fifa world cup 2006
Real Football 3D 2007
3D Real Billiards 2007
3D Towers of Maya
4×4 Extreme rally 3D
Age of Empires II Deluxe
America’s Army - Special Operations
Ancient Empires II
Asphalt 3 - Street Rules 3D
Bomberman Deluxe
Brian Lara International Cricket 2007
Brothers In Arms - Earned In Blood 3D
Bubble Bobble
Cake Mania
Chess Genius V3.00
Chess Professional
Crazy Campus
Desperado Duel of Vengeance

Pack Two :
Die Hard 4.0
Dream Island 3 - Dino Party
EA Mobile Bejeweled
EA Mobile Fight Night Round 3
EA Mobile UEFA Champions League 2007
Elements Interactive Blazar
Fantastic Four Surfer
Fatal FuryMobile
Gameloft Asphalt Urban GT 2 3D
Glu Mobile Sexy Babes Aquapark
Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix
HeroCraft Ball Rush Aqua
Ibiza Beach Party
Land Of The Dead - Day Of Reckoning
Lego Racers
Lego Star Wars 2
Ludimate Sensible Sudoku
Magi Lines
Maya Temples Of Secrets

Pack Three :
Medal of Honor
Meet The Robinsons
Men In Black - Without A Trace
Metal Slug Mobile Impact
Midnight Pool 3D
Midtown Madness 3 3D
Need For Speed Carbon
Office Wars
Penguin Fever
Power Rangers Mystic Force
Pro Golf 2007 3D Feat
Puzzle Magic 3
Rafa Nadal Tennis
Reall Football 2007
Rise Of Lost Empires
Ronnie O’Sullivan Snooker 3D

Pack Four :
SEGA Football Manager Quiz
Shrek The Third
Siberian Strike
SkyForce Reloaded
Sonic Jump
Spider Man 3
Starship Troopers Roughnecks
Surfs Up
Tetris Mania
The SIMS 2
THQ Wireless Worms 2007
Tony Hawks Project 8
Tornado Mania
Ultimate Street Football
World Series of Poker - Texas Hold’em

Download PC Suite For Nokia And Motorola

Nokia PC Suite is a package of Windows-based PC applications developed especially for use
with Nokia phones. Depending on your phone model, Nokia PC Suite lets you edit, synchronize and back up many of your phone's files on a compatible PC through a cable or wireless connection.

Latest Nokia PC Suite 6.84 Download Here

Latest Nokia PC Suite 6.86 Download Here

Motorola Phone Tools Deluxe is the full version of your Motorola Phone Tools.
Motorola Phone Tools Deluxe offers you enhanced synchronization as well as a lot of new multimedia features .

Download Motorola Phone Tools v4.5.1c Retail Multilanguage

Alternative Links Shareware

Other :

Sony Ericson PC Suite Compatible To

  • Sony Ericsson K310i
  • Sony Ericsson W300i
  • Sony Ericsson W550i
  • Sony Ericsson W700i
  • Sony Ericsson W810i
  • Sony Ericsson W900i
  • Sony Ericsson Z530i
  • Sony Ericsson Z550i

Download Here

Best Software Nokia By WF

Best Software For Nokia N Series AIO By.WickedFriends | 7 Mb


Apapun jenis Box UFS nya baik Tornado, NBox, UFS Micro, Twister minumnya tetap tea-knisi..he2. Walaupun Box service Handphone anda bergaransi 1 tahun gak ada salahnya kan mempelajari cara memperbaiki jika rusak, atau diperbaiki sendiri. Karena jika anda kirim ke reseller ongkos kirim PP tentu saja tanggungan anda. Ada banyak macam2 kerusakan/ error pada box service, terutama keluarga besar UFS. Mulai dari error 20, error 32, error1020 dan lainnya. Nanti kita coba bahas satu persatu.

Error 20 memiliki resiko yang tinggi, karena terjadi kerusakan pada firmware UFS. Walah ternyata bukan hanya Hp yang rusak firmware ya? Alat perbaikannya juga punya firmware, trus gimana ni cara memperbaiki kalo yang rusak jagoannya? ternyata UFS box juga juga bisa rusak. OK kita bahas dulu bagaimana ciri error20 ini. Error muncul saat kita klik connect, box tetap connect tapi tidak berfungsi untuk flashing, dan akan muncul kotak peringatan error.

  • Jalankan Update Client (computer anda harus terhubung ke internet)
  • Pilih bahasa (atau biarkan saja English)
  • Lalu klik Next
  • Tunggu muncul tombol Update UFS Firmware
  • Setelah diklik akan muncul kotak dialog peringatan abaikan saja klik OK.
  • Anda diminta memasukkan file req.fbi ganti type file menjadi *.* silahkan anda masukkan file req.fbi tersebut. File ini dapat anda download di support area atau di sini.

  • Maka akan terbentuk file *****.req dimana ***** adalah No seri UFS anda.
  • File *****.req yang terbentuk dapat anda lihat di C:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\UpdateClient. Kopi file ini, selanjutnya silahkan emailkan ke saya file tersebut. Dan anda akan saya kirimkan file ******.fbi

Dimana file *****.fbi ini lah nantinya yang anda perlukan untuk update firmware sehingga masalah error 20 bisa diselesaikan dan box anda normal seperti semula.

(Semuanya gratis lo....)

Setelah file *.fbi saya kirimkan lewat email anda, silahkan ulangi langkah seperti awal tadi. Jalankan update clientnya, lalu next, dan tunggu sampai tombol Update UFS Firmware muncul, lalu klik dan abaikan sekali lagi peringatan yang muncul dengan mengklik OK. Maka anda diminta memasukkan *.fbi. Masukkan file fbi yang telah saya kirimkan dan tunggu sebentar .


Jika anda tidak memiliki koneksi internet silahkan install UFS suite atau support anda di komputer warnet dan lakukan proses update client seperti langkah di atas. Kirimkan ke email saya file *****.req yang anda dapat (ingat ***** adalah Serial Number UFS anda)

NB: Jika anda tidak bisa juga, dengan senang hati saya siap menerima UFS Box anda untuk diperbaiki, tapi biaya kirim PP ditanggung sendiri ya + 10rb uang minum(he2….)


Jangan lakukan proses permintaan file *****.req 2x (semisal anda lakukan diwarnet dan anda lupa menyimpan file *****.req yang dihasilkan, dikarenakan hilang, computer mati dan sebagainya.(resiko sepenuhnya anda tanggung)

File *****.fbi yang dikirim hanya untuk satu kali pakai, jika suatu saat box anda rusak lagi maka anda harus menggenerate file *****.req yang baru untuk dikirim ke saya. Dan saya akan memberikan file *****.fbi yang baru.
Selamat Mencoba.(O ya jangan lakukan permintaan file *****.req jika box anda tidak error20, kerusakan anda tanggung sendiri).

File req.fbi untuk request Box-SN.req