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Primer on Reversing Symbian S60 Applications by Shub-Nigurrath

File ini sudah agak lumayan lama, tapi sangat bagus bagi kamu yang mencari tentang seluk-beluk symbian OS dan cara-cara untuk meng-cracknya. Saya sih ndak mengajari jelek, tetapi itu adalah ilmu pengetahuan juga bagi kita. Ada contoh-contohnya lagi.

Resiko ditanggung sendiri, oiya kamu bisa downlooot, linknya ada di bawah. File is PDF format with english languange. Arrange By Shub-Nigurrath. Thanks for him for lesson.

Like He Said, Primer on Reversing Symbian S60 Applications.
"Unfortunately the Symbian scene is not so prolific of tutorials and what I found after a lot of searching and talking with others
guys are just a few simple and quite old tutorials and few advanced things, mostly not written in English.
I decided then to take a long journey into this world, examining which tools you can use to disassemble the Symbian programs, how
to approach to them and what generally you can do to create and distribute patches for those applications.

I started from the ground up, just because as said there were no discussion forum like our (at least I have not found them) where
one can ask, the present special issue collects a series of single tutorials I wrote with different targets and difficulty levels.
Probably the few Symbian groups around will laugh at me for the simple or even not correct approach, but as usual if one knows
things better he should write a tutorial to demonstrate it.
The tutorial will cover different issues:
- Few words on the Symbian OS
-What instruments we have and what to use and customize them (particularly IDA)
-Practical examples of real applications
I also included a long list of references and further readings, as usual.

BTW consider also that the approach used for the java application example, is a general one, good for all java apps."

Download Part I

Download Part II

Download Part III

Download Part IV

Download Part V

Semua file dalam format PDF dan dalam bahasa inggris. Jadi kalau kesulitan mengartikannya seperti saya ;p bacanya sambil pakai kamus ya. Saya juga lagi belajar, sharing untuk kamu yang ketemu dengan artikel ini.


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