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Power Supply High Voltage

Plasma Globe Power Supply - plans for building 20kV power supply for your Plasma Globe

Measuring high voltages - simplest way to get at least a rough value of tension is to measure the maximum distance the voltage can arc over

Jochen's High Voltage Page - lots of high voltage circuits and experiments

High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook

Circuit to Get High Voltage from an Ignition Coil

Kevin's Strobe Schematics - 12 V to 300 V inverter for high repeat (1-10 times in second) rate medium power strobes

High Voltage High Current Power Supply - lots of power form microwave oven transformer

Tiny tiny inverter design - little efficent circuit that runs off of 3V, and charges up a little 1 uf 250V cap all the way up in about 30 seconds

High voltage supply: 12VDC in, 12KV out

High Voltage pulse generator - up to around 2kV pulses

High Voltage Generator for Low Current Applications - pdf file

Electronic Air Cleaner HV Generator - operates from mains voltage

Cockcroft-Walton Diode Voltage Multipliers - pdf file

Auto Air Purifier HV Generator - operates from 12V

1800 Volt Stun Gun - stun gun is powered by a 9V battery

Range, oven, and furnace electronic ignition Schematic - generates sparks from mains voltage

Simple High Voltage Generator - Low Voltage DC In, up to 30 KV Out

Tiny tiny invertor design - run off of 3V, and charges up a little 1 uf 250V cap all the way up in about 30 seconds

Solid State Tesla Coil/High Voltage Generator

Pulse Generator Schematic - Can be used to evaluate high voltage pulse characteristics of zeners and MOV's

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